#iPROPHESY Face Mask


If you like hearing a prophet prophesy¬†or if you are one to prophesy via speaking, singing, or scribing, even if you just enjoy prophecy, you will love wearing this mask as it speaks to who you are called to be…

I Corinthians 14:3 But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, exhortation, and comfort.

God is always thinking of you and he has a plan for you and me.

God desires to communicate with us all and the bible tells us that we should covet to prophesy. When we prophesy we are releasing the heart and mind of God.  As you wear this shirt, you never know who might be led to you to speak the oracles of God.

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Cotton: 100%
Sizes: One Size
Color: White/black trim


  • Non-Medical
  • CDC: “This is to protect people around you if you are infected but do not have symptoms”
  • 2-ply
  • 100% combed ringspun cotton fine jersey. White is sewn with 100% cotton thread.
  • Single needle rib binding to ensure comfort
  • One size fits most adults

Reusable 2-ply 100% combed ringspun cotton mask with ribbed cotton binding across the top, bottom and ear holes ensure comfortable all day wear. 100% breathable 2-ply cotton holds up to extended washes and wear. Wash to sanitize after wearing. Dry completely in the dryer for form fit (recommend lay flat to dry) after each use. Individuals should be careful not to touch eyes, nose and mouth when removing face mask and wash hands immediately after removing.


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