Hello everyone!  How would it feel to be able to just confide in someone without judgement who will just listen intently to what is on your mind

This person will be able to hear your thoughts and help you to reach your highest potential and goals.

You will never have to worry about your most intimate secrets being shared because as a consultant, certified mental health coach, and christian prophetic prayer counselor (deliverance), I have a standard that I live by which includes character and integrity. 

I have trained and coached many people and pushed them into their next. As a consultant, I have helped many people walk in their destiny with purpose. 

Many people have not even scratched the surface in knowing who they were born to be or become.

Choose me as your consultant and you will get time to talk to me about anything and I will listen, pray and with my prophetic anointing seek God for wisdom and knowledge.

Choose me as a coach, you will have no regrets.  I have requisite skills and I am called and chosen by God, which makes me a transformational helper

As a certified mental health coach, I can help you see the world through God’s eyes, encourage and empower you to act on things that will improve your life. 

With love, kindness, patience, and spiritual direction and support, I will help you navigate through the mental blocks in your mind and be the dictator of truth that can bring hope and  build your confidence in your journey to a life that you desire.

Choose me as a christian prophetic prayer counselor, I will look at the root causes of your struggles that could fall under several categories:

  • Sins of the Father and Resulting Curses (SOFC)
  • Ungodly Beliefs (UGB)
  • Soul/Spirit Hurts (SSH)
  • Demonic Oppression

God wants us to live a life full of freedom and liberty. He whom the son sets free is free indeed.

Every word she has spoke to me has been spot on and received!


Prophetess Vaughn has really touched my life through her prophetic ministry. She has given me a word on several occasions. Every word she has spoke to me has been spot on and received! She has spoken over my life, my children and my business. I know she is a true prophetess from God. Her teaching on her live streams have and will continue to be a blessing to me and my household.

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