About Us

Prophetess Cynthia Vaughn is the CEO of Prophetically Speaking Ministries, where she has a weekly Live Show called Prophetically Speaking on all Social Media Platforms.

Cynthia’s training and academic preparations include Certified Christian International Local Instructor, Christian International Central Ministry Equipping School/School of the Prophets, Faith Fellowship Ministry School, and Board Certified Mental Health Coach.

She received a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Bennett College in Greensboro, North Carolina and a Master of Science in Education from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She holds certificates for Elementary School Teacher, Elementary Principal, Supervisor, and Assistant Superintendent.

She has received awards such as a scholarship from the President of Bennet College and an Outstanding Educators Award.

Prophetess Vaughn ministerial experience includes prophesying to hundreds of people in the Body of Christ, intercessor, altar worker, teacher, prison minister, street evangelist, deliverance team facilitator, nursing home minister, minister on prophetic teams, and as Board President of Unexpected Blessings.

Cynthia is committed and dedicated to fulfilling the call of God on her life and spending time with her son Tyler and grandson Tristian.

Cynthia has guided me spiritually to see the folly and fallacy in celebration of certain holidays and how it dishonors Christ.

Brittany Mamphey